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Hirokazu Taniguchi

Born in 1977. CEO at a&vein Inc. President at Solar Power Village. After knowing the truth of the cause of war: energy resources, he became interested in Solar Power. Acquired the Master degree from Niigata University, MsC Natural Science, he proceeded into the career as the environmental consultant, and in 2013 changed his career to the solar power plants development. While planning more than 100 power plants, he established the unofficial group called ‘Solar Power Village’ which now has more than 1,900 members and 11 branches in Japan. In 2014, he established a&vein Inc. Working as a consultant regarding the solar power, he looks into the oversee’s market and visited Iceland, Germany, UAE, and China, and he introduces the leading countries’ market system of the renewable energy to people and plans the foreign tours as well

Executive Director

Takeshi Magami

Born in 1983. CEO at Chiba Ecological Energy Inc., CEO at Eco My Farm. President at Promotion Federation of Solar Sharing. Acquired Doctor in Public Research from Chiba University with the Capstone on Renewable Energy Policy in local governments which was the first case for Doctor program in Japan. His professions are energy policy, public policy, local government policy, and agricultural policy. On Oct 2012, established Chiba Ecological Energy Co. as a start-up from Chiba University, he started working on the local revitalization through renewable energy such as solar power, small hydroelectric power, and biomass. Since 2013, he started working on solar sharing which is a system of farming under the solar panels, and he has consulted more than 200 cases of solar sharing in Japan. On April 2018, he became President at Promotion Federation of Solar Sharing, and since then, he has been visiting all the places in Japan for speech and seminar to spread the solar sharing.

Secretary General

Hiroyuki Otsuki

Born in 1959. CEO at Plan Do Corporation. Secretary General at Japan PV Planner Association. Started his career at Inaba Denki Sangyo Co., LTD., for 25 years, he had worked for the electronic material sales. In 2005, he entered to Material Aid Co. and had worked as Senior Managing Director. At his age of 50, he established Plan Do Corporation, and as an advisor of companies, he has been working on Initial Training, Product Sales Scheme making, organizational reform, product reviews, and company management. Through them all, he has been involved in renewable energy and started thinking of contributing to spreading renewable energy. As a result, in 2011, he promoted the establishment of Akita Solar Power and Small Wind Power Association. In the same year, he promoted the conversion to incorporated association of Japan PV Planner Co., and from 2012, he has been working as Senior Managing Director at Japan PV Planner Association.


Tsuyoshi Yoshihara

(Advisor Consultant at The Johnan Shinkin Bank)

Born in 1955. Acquired BA in Economics at Keio University. Entered into The Johnan Shinkin Bank in 1977. In 1992, full-time Executive, in 1996, Executive Director, in 2010, Director at the same bank. Through his career at the bank, he conducted many organizational reforms and at his age of 60, he retired his position as Director and became Advisor. Since June 2017, he has been contributing to the bank as Advisor Consultant. He also has been working as an author of many journals, books, and other writing pieces such as “Japan’s Economic Reform through Zero Nuclear” in 2014, “No Nuclear Statement of The Johnan Shinyo Bank” in 2012, and “Power of The Shinyo Bank - Connect People, Protect Local” in 2012. (Shinyo Bank means Credit Union in Japan)


Taichiro Mio

(Executive Vice President at Chuo Bussan Co.,LTD.)

Born in 1972. Acquired BA in Economics at Kansai University, he entered into Kobe Steel, LTD. From 1998, he had worked as Accounting Manager at Shanghai Taihui Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. for 5 years, and in 2003, he became Executive Vice President at Chuo Bussan. CEO at MECC Co. since 2013, CEO at ENEMAN Co since 2016, Accounting Manager at Zhongwu Precision Electrical Appliance (Shanghai)CO., LTD. since 2018. Since 2013, he has been working on holding the event called “Nakatsugawa Solar Budokan” as Executive Committee Chairman.

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