Privacy Policy

Personal Information: Definition and Requirement to Obtain Lawfully

ASPEn may collect and maintain personal information only through lawful means. Agency employees who collect or maintain personal information do so consistent with the Information Practices Act. "Personal information" includes, but is not limited to: any information that identifies or describes an individual, including his or her name, home phone number, and email address. Personal information also includes statements made by, or attributed to, the individual.

Restrictions on Collection and Use of Personal Information

The purposes for which ASPEn may collect personal information will be specified at or prior to the time such information is collected. The personal information collected is relevant to the purpose for which it is needed. Any subsequent use of the information will be limited to and consistent with the fulfillment of those purposes previously specified. ASPEn will not disclose, use for any purpose other than as specified at the time it was collected, or make available any personal information collected, except with the written consent of the subject of the information or as otherwise permitted by law or regulation.

Protection of Personal Information

ASPEn protects personal information against loss, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, or transfer through a variety of ways, i ncluding, but not limited to, employee training, authentication, monitoring, auditing, and encryption to ensure that proper administrative, technical, and physical safeguards are established and followed in order to protect the confidentiality of such information. Individuals have a right to access information about themselves and may request a correction of any inaccuracies. In order to request access or correction personal information, see the contact information below.